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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Car Starters in Rochester, NY

Every Rochesterian, whether a native or a recent transplant, will agree that winters in Rochester, NY can be challenging. The snow and cold always looks picturesque from inside your warm and cozy house, but it’s usually a different, and much colder, story when you need to go somewhere. Hate getting in a cold car or having ... Read More


Auto Accessories and Car Roundup for June in Rochester

If you're like us, you drive a lot. Which means much of your day is spent in the car traveling to and from appointments, meetings, work and activities. Your car should be as comfortable as your home since you spend so much time in it.  We look to share with you some articles that talk ... Read More


Braun Handicap Van Conversions in Rochester, NY Done By Experts

Living with a handicap or disability can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are responsible for your own method of transportation.  Even if you are an individual who has a friend or family member that you are taking care of that has a disability, you will want to consider acquiring a handicap van.  We provide ... Read More


Professional Car Stereo Installations in Rochester

Professional Car Stereo Installations in Rochester, NY Need a car stereo installed in Rochester NY? Well now is the time to get it done! Tim's Trim Inc now offers stereo installation among all the other customization services that are offered. It seemed like a natural transition to offer stereo installation. There is a definite need for a good ... Read More


Overview of Tonneau Covers for Rochester, New York Truck Owners

Frequently people ask us how different Tonneau Covers that we offer at Tim's Trim Inc function. In order to best answer this question we had Dan demonstrate different tonneau covers that we offer such as The Downey SST, Extang Trifecta, Extang Solid Fold and Undercover Lux SE. Take a look and be sure to ... Read More


Remote Starter FAQ’s From Tim’s Trim Inc in Rochester, New York

To the everyday consumer, remote starts remain somewhat of a mystery.  Automobile owners frequently have questions related to adding a remote starter to their vehicle. We hope this post sheds some light on those questions as we look to answer the most frequently asked questions related to remote starters in Rochester, NY.  We asked the owner ... Read More


Who is the Best Installer of Remote Car Starters in Rochester, NY?

If you live in Rochester NY you would do well to consider a remote car starter for yourself.  This can allow your car to warm up during those cold winter mornings while you stay inside and enjoy your last cup of coffee, and it can allow your car to cool down during the hot summer ... Read More


Where to Get an Automatic Car Starter in Rochester NY?

There are many reasons to consider an automatic car starter in Rochester NY, and the weather may be one major factor!  If you have a remote starter installed in your car you can get it started and allow it to warm up while you’re still inside, so your early morning winter commutes are much easier.  ... Read More


Beat the Heat This Summer in Rochester with a Remote Car Starter

This summer don’t let the dread of getting into a hot car spoil your day. Instead, give Tim’s Trim Inc a call and have us install a remote car starter in your car, van, or truck. While more known for its cold winters, temperatures can approach the one hundred degree mark in Rochester, NY during ... Read More


Protect Your Truck This Summer with a Tonneau Cover from Tim’s Trim Inc

Summer is many people’s favorite time of year, particularly after the cold Rochester winter. In truth, the weather extremes of both summer and winter can be hard on a vehicle. This summer protect your Rochester truck with a tonneau cover from Tim’s Trim Inc. A tonneau cover is used to conceal cargo in the back ... Read More

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