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The Best Hand & Foot Driving Controls For Your Vehicle

The SURE GRIP hand control system was designed to give drivers the benefit of controlling a vehicle with both hands on the wheel, making a safer and smoother driving experience. Unlike other manual hand controls, the SURE GRIP operating handle is in the verticle position, giving you that precise control you have been looking for. Accelerate by rocking back through an arching motion with the fingers and/or palm; to apply the brake, simply push forward. (See demonstration video to the right).

SURE GRIP’s compact design permits a non-intrusive installation allowing conventional driving with the controls still in place. For performance or everyday driving, SURE GRIP offers a hand control system that keeps you in touch with the road.

Creative Controls Moto-Mate Hand Controls For Your Vehicle

Creative Controls, Inc. (CCI) designed the MotoMate hand control. Push right angle hand control that is not only durable but good-looking. The CCI MotoMate blends well with vehicle interiors. It can be ordered with up to four switches for turn, horn, dimmer or other functions if desired, and provides reliability to put any driver in control and at ease.

MotoMate can be installed with little or no modification to your vehicle.

Now with two styles to choose from:

MotoMate™ 6060 Push/ Right Angle

* Simply push handle forward to brake, downward to accelerate.
* Has a unique design that reduces fatigue.
* Features a padded comfort grip handle.
* Turn signals, dimmer or horn can be added for easy access.

MotoMate™ 6260 Push/Pull

• For situations where right-angle downward acceleration is obstructed.
• Ideal alternative for taller drivers that have limited leg room.
• Turn signals and/or horn can be added for easy access.

MotoMate Hand Controls Rochester NY
Rochester Hand Controls
MotoMate Rochester Hand Controls
Hand Controls MotoMate Rochester NY

Mobility Products & Design.  Classic Hand Control – 3500F Foam Grip / Offset Handle

Hand and Foot Controls

Recommended by driver evaluators, our foam grip was designed two inches longer in length than most hand controls, ensuring comfortable driving control and greater leverage when braking and accelerating.

Mobility Products & Design Classic Hand Control – 3500K Knob Grip / Straight Handle

Hand Controls Adaptive Vehicles

This hand control has a knob grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the driver’s hand. The knob grip and bent brake rod are standard on this unit. The bent brake rod allows mounting the handle control higher in the vehicle to provide more driver convenience and comfort. The exclusive center pivot of our controls allows the grip to be pivoted away from the door for more hand clearance and is recommended by driver evaluators. This control can be equipped with a foam handle or horn and dimmer switches by Tim’s Trim Inc.

Mobility Products & Design Classic Hand Control – 3500KX Knob Grip / Offset Handle

Rochester Adaptive Vehicle Hand Controls

This control has everything the 3500K offers plus additional features and is recommended by driver evaluators. The offset handle is fully adjustable 360° to provide additional knee clearance, more leverage, or to locate the handle closer to the turn signal. This handle can also be used to adjust the angle or pitch of grips equipped with wrist supports.

Mobility Products & Design Classic Hand Control – 3502WHD Straight Handle with Wrist Support

Steering Wheel Hand Controls

This steering control offers a foam grip handle with a soft foam wrist support and side hand guard for additional leverage, comfort and convenience for the driver. Both foam grips are soft, washable, replaceable and are not heat sensitive. Our exclusive center pivot allows the grip to be pivoted away from the door for more hand clearance.

An optional offset handle may be incorporated with the wrist support grip to provide additional knee clearance, more leverage or to locate the handle closer to the turn signal. The offset handle can also be used to adjust the angle for pitch of the wrist support grip. Tim’s Trim Inc. can easily make the adjustments.

Mobility Products & Design Left Foot Accelerator

Steering Foot Controls Rochester

The left foot accelerator is recommended by driver evaluators for drivers to accelerate using their left foot. It is equipped with a guard to prevent the driver from inadvertently resting their right foot on the accelerator pedal. The left foot accelerator incorporates a quick release mechanism and is easily removable for ambulatory drivers, and no tools are required.

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