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Touch Pads & Switches


Logi Touch™ Controls by Creative Controls

Touch Pads and Switches

LogiTouch™ is ideal for drivers who are looking for ease in operating a vehicle’s secondary controls (switches). LogiTouch adds a new dimension to adaptive driving by putting up to 18 function controls right at your fingertips. The National Mobility Equipment Driving Association (NMEDA) recommendations were an important factor in its design to ensure the highest level of quality and functionality.


  • Left or Right-Handed use.
  • Safe one handed operation.
  • Sleek design looks great in any vehicle.
  • Durable hard plastic case houses the internal electronics.
  • Self-cancelling illumination for night time driving.
  • Uses common AAA batteries (2), which last about a year(normal use).
  • Buttons are labeled with universal symbols – easy to understand.

Up to 18 Functions:
Horn, Hazards, Head Lights (ON/OFF), Left Turn Indicator, Right Turn Indicator, Head Lights Dim, Front Wash, Rear Wash, Parking Lights, Front Wiper (x3 Speeds), Rear Wiper, Head Lights Flash, Front Fog Lights, Rear Defrost.

C-Tech Secondary Control Systems- Allows operation of controls via large, accessible pads and/or a central control panel, whichever is needed. Available options:

Wiper, Washer, Cruise Set, Right Turn, Left Turn, Horn, Dimmer, Hazard, Start, Cruise On, Cruise Set, Driver / Passenger, Blower, Power Window Up/Down,Driver / Passenger, Ignition, Parking Lights, Dome Light, Head Lights and many more

This unit is equipped with a 12 Switch Electronic Console and the intelligent relay packs. Includes any 12 functions you want – Lights, Horn, Interior Lights, Turn Signals, Windshield Wiper(s), etc. You pick the 12 features you want.

This C-Tech Secondary Controls System – is equipped with the four (4) Switch Electronic Console with the intelligent relay packs. This unit allows for the operation of both the turn signals (Left and right), the windshield wiper(s) and the washer fluid for the windshield.

This C-Tech Secondary Control System – is equipped with the three (3) Switch Electronic Console with the intelligent relay packs. This unit displayed allows for the operation of the horn, turning on of the cruise control and setting the speed of the cruise control, but the button can be wired to almost any control on your vehicle.

Our two (2) Switch Electronic Console with the intelligent relay packs. This unit allows for the operation of the turning on of the cruise control and setting the speed of the cruise control.As with any C-Tech system any button can be set to your preference. So it does not have to be set to what we are showing on this web page. Your Buttons! Your Choice!

C-Tech Memory Shift™ Push Button Shifter by Creative Controls

The C-Tech MemoryShift is a programmable electronic push-button power shifter that delivers true, accurate shifts every time. The MemoryShift can be installed on just about any automatic transmission vehicle made. Compact control panel allows for more choices in mounting. Compatible with either Floor Shift or Column Shift!

  1.  Apply brakes
  2. Press desired gear
  3. Wait until gear position light illuminates

Crescent Industries 10 Button Switch Box

Crescent Industries Switch Boxes, like all of our products, can be used to control any function the client needs. These are custom made and the placement of the switches and size of the console can be customized as well. Tim’s Trim Inc. can provide added functionality to most any vehicle feature or accessory.

Crescent Industries Voice Scan – Controls up to 16 Functions!

The operation is simple

Step 1 – Activate the scan by pushing the switch
Step 2 – When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again and the function begins!

Activate the switch and a voice (yours if you like) announces the functions. When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again to select the function.VoiceScan can be programmed in either one or two channel mode. The one channel mode allows all functions to be operated from a single switch, while the two channel mode allows for two priority functions. In either mode, VoiceScan can control up to 16 functions.VoiceScan is field programmable or it can be customized at Tim’s Trim Inc.! VoiceScan can be used with any vehicle function.

Crescent Industries – Elbow Control Panel

Activate many of the your vehicles functions through Crescent Industries innovative Elbow control panel.VoiceScan can be programmed on one button to activate your VoiceScan option, which can control up to 16 functions.

Crescent Industries – Spinner Knob with Controls

Crescent Industries innovates again by integrating a switch panel into a steering hand control. These switches can control typical functions like the horn, windsheild wash, or the light dimmer. However, this switch can also activate the optional VoiceScan module, allowing up to 16 more vehicle funcions to be operated by voice command.

Howell Ventures – Hand Control with SureSwitch.

Howel Ventures Hand Controls are designed so you never have to take your hands off the wheel! The Sure Switch, designed by the makers of SURE GRIP, is the only light-touch switch device on the market today that puts multiple functions at your fingertips such as:

  • Turn headlights on /off
  • Dim your headlights
  • Signal left or right
  • Activate your 4-way flashers
  • Honk your horn

With the introduction of the Sure Switch, Howell Ventures has addressed the need for control of peripheral devices from a single convenient location. Sure Switch has been designed to be complimentary to the SURE GRIP Control Systems, permitting control of several functions with a single Four-way joystick. Optional elbow touch pads and stand alone switch mounts will also be available.

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