Professional Car Stereo Installations in Rochester

Professional Car Stereo Installations in Rochester, NY

Need a car stereo installed in Rochester NY? Well now is the time to get it done! Tim’s Trim Inc now offers stereo installation among all the other customization services that are offered. It seemed like a natural transition to offer stereo installation. There is a definite need for a good high quality stereo installation place in Rochester NY and since Tim’s already offers so many other restyling options, stereo installation had to be offered as well.

While we have kept the stereo install under wraps coming soon there will be a specific page for it in 2014. You can expect the same great service that is offered on all our installations. The right stereo installation will really make you appreciate your stereo.

Why Professional Installation?

Tim's Trim IncThere is no way that with today’s complex electrical systems anyone can justify trying to take installing a stereo into their own hands. There are a lot of different scenarios of what the results can be but none of them are very good outcomes. Having the know how when it comes to installing a stereo system in today’s high tech vehicles require a great deal of training.

Even if you are looking at retrofitting an older vehicle with a stereo that too needs professional attention. Getting everything just right without tearing up the dash board can be really difficult no matter what year vehicle you are working with. We can easily get the right stereo in your vehicle installed like it just came out of the factory.

We have the parts and the knowledge to get your stereo seated correctly and working like you want it to. Professional installation is the only way to guarantee that your stereo is going to work as it should and look as it should!

Premium Quality and Workmanship Set Us Apart

Professional installation of your car stereo is always worth the cost. We guarantee our work 100% that means you leave us satisfied with the work. It also means your stereo works the way it should and looks the way it is supposed. We know there are other places you can go to get your stereo installed but we also know that you will not get the high quality service that we always provide on all our installations.

Having your stereo installed by highly trained professional installers makes the cost very affordable. If you want it done right than let us do it!