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Don’t Freeze Your Butt Off This Winter!

Warm you or your loved one up with a Remote Car Starter from Tim’s Trim Inc in Rochester, NY!


Why You Need a Car Starter

Are you looking to escape the Rochester cold this winter but unable to flee to Florida?

If so we have the next best thing! A remote car starter for your vehicle can help you escape the harsh realities of getting in a cold car EVERY day this winter.

1. Stop Getting in a Freezing Car

What’s worse then starting the day off sitting in a freezing car for 10 minutes. Avoid all the hassle.

2. Easier to Scrape Windows

Some Rochester nights involve thick shield of ice on your windshields. Why not let it melt for 10 minutes while you sip your warm coffee inside on the couch.

3. You Live in Rochester!

Come on! You live in Rochester, Ny. You need a remote car starter and once you get one you will wonder how you ever lived without one.  Request a free quote to find out what it takes.


Request Your Free Quote Now

Simply enter your details and Tim's Trim Inc will contact you to discuss installing a remote car starter into your vehicle.


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