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Stampede Side Wind Deflectors

Beat the elements and add some attitude to your truck, van or SUV. Sidewinds act like a “drip-edge” for your vehicle, this allows you to keep your window partially open for ventilation, without the rain getting in.

Product Details

Weathertech Side Wind Deflectors

WeatherTech® Side Window Deflectors offer you fresh air enjoyment with an original equipment look. Crafted in Germany from the finest 3mm lightly-tinted acrylic materials available, installation is quack and easy with no exterior tape needed. Also available in dark tine for most vehicles, Side Window Deflectors are precision-machined to perfectly fit your vehicle.

Product Details

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Ventvisor Sales and Installation in Rochester

Stay Comfortable With Ventvisors in Rochester, NY

You can call ‘em ventvisors. You can call ‘em side wind deflectors. Either way, you want them to do the same job: let fresh air in and keep the elements out. And in Rochester, New York, you’re going to need that. By many accounts, Rochester has more rainy and snowy days than any other large city. We get 167 days of precipitation annually! Lucky us.

Fresh air feels good and is good for you. Lots of folks prefer air conditioning when the temperatures get really high, but nothing beats fresh air in moderate or even chilly weather.

With ventvisors, you can partially open your windows anytime and get a refreshing blast of air, and only air.  On those many wet Rochester days, you never have to worry about getting damp… or soaked.

Ventivisors and Side Wind Deflectors: Take Your Pick at Tim’s Trim

William Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We agree. It doesn’t matter what you call the gizmo. Our ventvisors and side wind deflectors work like a “drip edge” on your truck, SUV, or van. They force water down and away from your windows, not right into them.

Unless you have ventvisors or deflectors, water is going to get in when you crack a window on a rainy day. At Tim’s Trim, our products both work well and look good:

  • Installation is simple, and no exterior tape is needed. Your vehicle won’t have that “patched together” look.
  • Our side wind deflectors look like they were original equipment.
  • Made from acrylic, our deflectors are sturdy, sleek, and aerodynamic.
  • They’re precision-machined, so they fit your vehicle to a “T.”
  • When you’re driving with the windows open, deflectors reduce wind noise.
  • When your vehicle is parked, deflectors also keep the inside cooler.

Come to Tim’s Trim for Ventvisors in Rochester, NY

Think that ventvisors are a good idea? We agree! Now we have another good idea for you: buy them at Tim’s Trim. Why? Lots of reasons:

  • We sell only quality products that we’d use ourselves.
  • Our friendly staff has lots of experience in vehicle customizing and restyling. We can answer all your questions and even make suggestions.
  • If you’re not in a hurry, neither are we. We don’t rush our customers. Before you make a purchase, we want you to be sure.
  • At Tim’s Trim, we combine competitive pricing with stellar service. That’s just how we roll, day after day.
  • Tim’s the owner. (Maybe you guessed that.) He’s here every day, minding the store. If you see him, say “hello.”

At Tim’s Trim, we’ll protect you from all those wet Rochester days… but aren’t the rest beautiful?

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