Car, Truck and Auto Accessories in Rochester, NY

Quality Car, Truck, and Van Modifications in Rochester, NY

Whether a corporation or consumer, when it comes operating a motor vehicle, comfort, safety, and convenience are of the utmost importance. Tim’s Trim Inc., an established automotive restyling company in Rochester, NY since 1978 knows a thing or two about auto installations that enhance functionality. Starting off as a mobile service catering to auto dealers, Tim’s Trims Inc. got their start installing auto features and options that go beyond the scopes of factory installs. From car alarms, truck caps, and remote car starts in Rochester, NY, we’ve done it all with one goal in mind – “Premium Quality and Workmanship”.

Mobility Installations and Adaptive Vehicles in Rochester, NY

Although still servicing auto dealers, in recent years Tim’s Trim Inc. has expanded their services to meet the need of consumers. The Option Store was developed in 2007 to provide a location to sell only the best high-quality aftermarket parts to the Greater Rochester area. In 2012, we expanded yet again to offer mobility products and adaptive vehicles for those in need. Standing behind in all our work, our automotive installations in Rochester, NY are designed with your comfort in mind.

Whether you’re an individual who’s looking to enhance the look and functionality of your vehicle, a corporation in need of handicap accessible vehicles, or a caretaker looking for an easier means of transportation for your loved one, Tim’s Trim Inc. has a solution to meet those needs.

Stop in and say hello to Dan, Bruce, Randy, or Tim or give us a call. We’re willing and ready to help make driving a lot safer, comfortable, and convenient for you in Rochester, NY

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