Autochair / Milford Lift Offers Simple Transfer at a Great Savings

Are you searching for the perfect wheelchair to car transfer solution? The Autochair Milford Person Lift is the ideal wheelchair to car transfer solution, providing you with a cost effective wheelchair transfer solution compared to a complete wheelchair van. The Autochair Milford Person Lift allows for the ability to transfer into a regular auto seat. There is no need for a fully adapted van, allowing you to still be able to safely use the vehicles regular seat, seat belt, and airbags.

  • Maximum Lift Weight – 330lbs
  • Fits Almost All Vehicles
  • Fitted in Front or Rear of Vehicles
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Can Be Used Solely or by Helper
  • Removeable Installation
  • Can Also Be Used at Home
  • Wall Mount and Portable Base Available For Home

Alternatively, if you are searching for a complete adaptive wheelchair van, then check out lineup of vans for sale.