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Commercial Bin Packages & Ladder Racks

Cargo vans are commonly chosen by working professionals in Rochester and beyond because of their spacious interior and overall functionality. However, your cargo van may not currently be as functional for your needs as possible. After all, while cargo vans are spacious, it can be difficult to maximize the use of this space without extra features and accessories. Outfitting your vehicle with van shelving is an excellent idea, and Tim’s Trim is your trusted source for quality cargo van shelving systems in Rochester.

Making Your Cargo Van More Functional 
The shell of a cargo van provides you with an enclosed area that may be ideal for transporting some larger items, but you also may have much smaller equipment, supplies and more that need to be transported as well. Van shelving is available to help you maximize the vertical space in your vehicle. Shelving can also help you to keep all of your gear or supplies properly organized throughout your busy workdays. With the right van or ranger shelving in place, your vehicle’s main interior space may continue to be used to haul around larger equipment and tools. This large central area in the van may be used for transporting large boxes, or it may even be used as a work area for you to maneuver in while accessing items on the shelves.

Professional Installation for Van Shelving 
If you have been looking for a smart way to make your work vehicle more functional and to maximize your use of the available space, now is a great time to take a closer look at the many cargo van shelving systems available. These are shelves that are specifically designed to fit within the contours of your vehicle’s interiors. Many of the cargo master shelving systems that are available through Tim’s Trim feature lips that keep the items secured as you cruise around town. There are numerous shelving systems available for you to consider. They vary based on the dimensions of the shelves as well as by the spacing in between the shelves. Keep in mind that shelves are only one way to improve the functionality of your vehicle. For example, van shelving can be installed in conjunction with cargo van uplifters, floor liners, tool boxes and more.

What to Expect from Tim’s Trim In  in Rochester, NY
When you are ready to improve the functional use of your cargo van, Tim’s Trim is your leading source for quality parts and equipment. We have exceptional products that are designed with durability and long-lasting use in mind. More than that, we offer professional installation for all of our products, and we maintain competitive prices on all of our merchandise. We want you to be happy with upgraded vehicle as well as with your overall experience with our company.

When you stop by our convenient Rochester location, you can browse through our huge inventory to check out our shelving systems as well as some of the many other features that may improve the functionality of your work van. If you are ready to explore the many wonderful options available for improving your cargo van or other work vehicle, now is a great time to stop by Tim’s Trim and to speak with our helpful sales team about the options that may be well-suited for your needs.