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Compustar CS920-S

Up to 1000-Ft of Range

Product Details

Compustar CS4900-S

Up to 3000-Ft of Range
2-Way LED Confirmation
Also includes backup 1-way remote

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Compustar Prime 901

Up to 1-Mile of Range
2-Way LCD Confirmation
USB Rechargeable

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DR-3100 Drone Smartphone Control

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Remote Car Starter Installations in Rochester, NY

You know Rochester weather. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer. Where did spring and fall go?

With a remote car starter from Tim’s Trim, you can start your snow-covered car without ever leaving your house. That warms up the engine and the interior, and that means both you and your car benefit.

Reverse the process in the summer. When the heat’s trapped inside your car, hit your remote to start the air conditioner. Soon the inside of your car is bearable.

You can buy remote car starters (“valet starts,” “valet engine starters”) in lots of places. But only at Tim’s Trim do you get the perfect combination of quality, expertise, and service.

Reliable Installation at Tim’s Trim

At Tim’s Trim, we have upfront pricing. The cost of a remote car starter includes all parts and labor. But that’s not all…

  • We use only premium quality parts.
  • The technology is the newest available.
  • Idatalink Bypass modules mean no more worrying about losing a key (most vehicles)
  • We never cut anything out of your car.
  • Our workmanship sets us apart. At Tim’s Trim, we solder all connections and meet all standards set by SAE International (formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers).
  • We don’t take shortcuts. Safety is too important to us… and to you.

A Local Business You Can Trust

Quite a list… but that’s not all. There are even more reasons the locales have come to rely on Tim’s Trim for their car, truck and van restyling and mobility needs. It’s really quite simple: our people.

  • Our staff has been in the biz for a while. They’re experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Our staff is eager to answer customers’ questions. We want to share the wonders of technology with everyone!
  • Our staff does NOT rush customers through transactions. We’ll spend as much time as you need to feel comfortable with and confident about your purchase.
  • At Tim’s Trim, we’re firm believers in fair pricing and top-quality service. They’re not our goals; they’re our way of doing business.
  • The owner, Tim Miller, is always around, keeping an eye on things. You’ll see him when you stop by, so be sure to say hello.

Remote Car Starter FAQ’s

Almost all remote car starter key fobs come apart with one screw and then snap apart. Inside the key fob is the battery. The most common batteries are 23A (like a miniature AAA battery) or a CR2032 (like a watch battery). We carry most batteries in stock and will change it for you. You just pay for the cost of the battery.
After replacing or disconnecting the main vehicle battery or getting a jump start. It may need to be reprogrammed or just taken out of valet mode. The first thing to check, does the vehicle lock/unlock with the remote. If it does, it is just in valet mode. It does depend on the manufacture on how to reprogram. But first try holding the lock and trunk button down at the same time. The vehicle parking lights should blink once. Then try the remote start feature. If neither the start function or keyless entry system work. It needs to be reprogram. This can be found in your owners manual. You will need both key fobs to reprogram. If you purchased the remote car starter from Tim’s Trim Inc.. We will take it out of valet mode or reprogram at No Charge
A one way remote start does not send a signal back to the remote after the vehicle starts to confirm it started. You must be able to see the vehicle to confirm. Usually the parking lights will come on when the vehicle is running to help you know it started. The two way will send a signal back to your remote confirming it started. So having your eyes on the vehicle is not needed.
It does depend on usage, but the rule of thumb is once a year or when you notice the range has gotten shorter.
I have never heard or seen that happen.
Yes, you can get one remote that operates two vehicles. But it does depend on the manufacture. Not all companies offer one

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