Roof Racks

Top-Quality Roof Racks in Rochester, NY

When heading on a trip or exploring the great outdoors, having ample amount of space in the car is paramount. Roof racks, in cases like these, can provide space, keeping the things you treasure most nearby. Are you a college student headed to the shore for spring break, an outdoorsman that enjoys mountain biking and camping, or a family headed on a summer road trip? Having the right roof rack can make all the difference in the world.

These useful car accessories are designed to:

  • Increase your vehicle’s storage capacity
  • Provide more comfort in the vehicle
  • Provide a safe platform to transport your favorite toys like kayaks, mountain bikes, and surfboards

5 Most Common Roof Racks

  1. Ski and Snowboard Racks: Enjoy winter sports? If so, you’re going to need to get a rack for your skis and snowboard. Avoid having to shove your sports equipment into the car or truck by putting down the back seat or strapping a bungee cord to keep the trunk closed. Easy to install, the ski and snowboard rack will securely hold your sports gear in place preventing them from slipping and sliding during the ride – or getting your car wet on the way back.
  2. Bike Racks: Ready to pull out those bikes and hit the trails? Rather than laying the bikes down in the truck where the rims can get damaged and the alignment being thrown out of whack, you can invest in a bike rack for your car, truck, or SUV. Bike racks allow you to store multiple bikes securely to the top of the vehicle so they’re perfect for family rides through the park or an extreme day in the mountains.
  3. Kayak Racks: Anyone who has ever been kayaking knows just how much of a pain it can be to get the kayaks to your destination. The long, awkward shape of the boats makes them difficult to just shove in the truck of the car. Strapping it to the car could cause the kayak to get scratched or it could fall off the car completely as you’re driving. The safest option is to get a kayak rack which straps to the roof of your vehicle. With rollers installed to help make loading easier, a kayak rack is safe and practical.
  4. Enclosed Roof Racks – Want to store some things on the top of your vehicle, but don’t want them to get damaged in the rain, wind, or snow? Enclosed roof racks make it possible to do just that. Available in varying sizes, the enclosed roof racks are great for storing everything from your luggage to your sports equipment.
  5. Open Cargo Racks – If you have large, awkwardly shaped items like a tent, cooler, a grill, or cot for camping, an open cargo rack may be ideal for you. Designed with sidewalls to keep your belongings from sliding around and straps to keep them secure during travel, your family camping trip is sure to go off without a hitch.

Need extra room in your car? Don’t rent a larger vehicle to transport your luggage, skis, kayaks, or bikes, instead invest in a roof rack designed for your car, truck, or SUV. Tim’s Trims is an authorized Yakama dealer, meaning we can give you the best price on high-quality roof racks sure to withstand the test of time. Check out our inventory today.