No More Texting and Driving

no texting and driving in rochester nyTexting while driving in Rochester, NY and throughout the United States is a growing problem.  Do you get worried when your kids get behind the wheel and leave home?

If this is the case then TextBuster® is for you.  Via Bluetooth, TextBuster® sends a blocking signal to the phone disabling texting, email and Internet functions everytime the users enter the vehicle.  It will not interfere with other Bluetooth or hands free items, allowing for incoming and outgoing calls.
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  • Currently compatible with Android phones.  iPhone coming soon.
  • Cell phone pairs with Textbuster via Bluetooth.
  • App loaded on phone with administrator notified if removed.
  • GPS and phone still works when car is running.
  • Texting, email and Internet are disabled.
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  • There are free apps that claim to do the same thing but do not.
  • Admin can review trips and set alerts with respect to speed, geography and time of day.
  • Hidden under vehicle dash and installs in less than 30 minutes.
  • Password protected, preventing unauthorized removal of app from phone.
[/list] [/two_columns_last] *There are free apps that claim to do the same thing but do not.  They are reliant on GPS and motion, meaning when traveling at low speeds and at stop lights and signs, the smartphone becomes fully functional.  Only TextBuster® prevents from bypassing the app.

*This system is also useful for small or large companies with vehicles fleets. Not only does it prevent smart phone usage as described above, but it provides the owner/administrator a login account to the TextBuster® website to view trip details and set various alerts, i.e., speed, geographic area and time of day. Managing and monitoring your fleet becomes easier.

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