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UWS Gull Wing Series

UWS Gull Wing Series

The Gull Wing Series* from UWS is a strong lower-profile cross box which mounts on the pickup bed. Each side of this box has a sturdy lockable stainless steel latch.
Note the sliding tool tray, convenient side organizers and tool holders.
The unique UWS twin foam Injected lids* give super-strength to a normally flexible lid.
The solid UWS foamed lid* will help keep locks adjusted properly so as to provide dependable security for the box contents.

This lower-profile style box allows for a more spacious view out of the rear window, thus providing the driver better rearward vision for safe maneuvering in traffic or checking the load.

This new Gull Wing design has also virtually eliminated leaks commonly found in competitors Gull Wing Style boxes.

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UWS SIngle Lid Toolbox

UWS SIngle Lid Toolbox

The Single Lid Series* from UWS is a lower-profile box with lids opening to a full 90 degrees; thus easily allowing it to be loaded with large and bulky items. Two super-duty lift cylinders help raise and hold the Structural Foamed Lid* open. Single lid boxes are the most popular selling box because of their large capacity and easy to use features. UWS boxes are built like vaults secure and sealed against the elements.
* Patented

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The Best Truck Toolboxes in Rochester, New York

It’s convenient to keep tools in the bed of your pickup. They’re ready whenever you need them, at a moment’s notice.

But are you protecting those tools properly? A standard toolbox slides around the truck bed. And if you’re someone who just tosses tools into the back and hopes for the best…well, don’t get your hopes up.

Tim’s Trim Toolboxes for Truck

At Tim’s Trim, we believe in using the right tool for the job. That also means that those tools need the right protection. A truck toolbox keeps them clean, organized, and safe.

  • Save time by storing all your tools organized in one location.
  • Guard your tools from bad weather with a box that keeps out moisture and dirt.
  • Got big tools to store? Choose a model with a single wide opening.
  • For independent access on either side of the toolbox, select one with double (gull wing) openings.
  • Worried about the security of your tools? Don’t worry anymore. Get a box that locks.
  • If you’re in business, a neat truck displays a professional appearance. You also seem more competent if you can put your hands on the right tools quickly.
  • Toolboxes are versatile. There’s no law that says you have to keep tools in them. Use a toolbox to conveniently cart around emergency supplies, sporting equipment, groceries…you name it.

Come to Tim’s Trim for Your New Toolbox

Maybe by now you’re sold on a toolbox. Now we just have to sell you on Tim’s Trim. Easy!

  • We’ve been in the vehicle restyling business since 1978. We’ve seen it all, and this experience gives us an advantage when evaluating products and making recommendations.
  • As with all our products, quality and variety are key. We offer several types of sturdy toolboxes so you can get the one that best meets your needs.
  • Our boxes are lower profile. This gives you better visibility when you’re driving.
  • Our staff is committed to customer service. We want to be sure you’re happy with your purchase, so we’ll give you all the information you need to be satisfied…today and in the long run.
  • Our installers do expert work that lasts and lasts.
  • Tim Miller, our owner, oversees everything, every day. Give him a nod when you stop by.

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